Magnetic Field Force

Magnetic Field Force is a field management arm of Kreetiv. Our products include the use of the IT system and access to our ER teams (MFF Partners) nationwide.

Our IT system houses enterprise reps (ER), clients, managers, promoters, merchandisers, marketers and venues throughout the country. This is our innovative approach to tackling a constant problem in the industry, namely ‘in-field operations’.

The business offers a unique and cutting edge business model that gives control to the client and opportunity to these MFF Partners. The business offers exponential self employment opportunity to aspiring, well connected ER’s based anywhere in the country. We build employment opportunity in communities and drive fairness in trade through distributing risk and effectively financial benefit to all MFF partners. The innovative and highly competitive IT system which houses the most complicated operational task, makes our business and this innovation unique and organically progressive.

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