Clear strategies and International Business.

I work quite closely with alcoholic beverage companies in South Africa. Particularity wine and Spirits.  As i realise the importance to see high returns in marketing, sales and communications, for me it far more important to have a clear understanding and a coinciding vision on how brands are perceived in their local or international markets.

I mean, lets take Apple for example. Their target market at the early stage of their business was very clear, they supplied devises that catered to the creative worker. What started as that turned into a device for all creatively inclined people. That + top notch hardware, gives us this power machine we can call ‘my own’. “Well whom ever has one that is”

Hardware, software, services or any tangible goods, the idea is the same……people need to figuratively buy into what is being sold. Brand first, Price second and all the other nitty gritty jazz later.

Together with a cutting edge aim to market should come a seriously diverse and economically viable business operational plan. The alcoholic beverage market in South Africa is seriously inundated with products that caters to every Tom, Dick and Harry. An innovative approach is now more vital then ever before.

My 2 cents 😉



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